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  • Reduce complaints and legal actions by early notification of bankruptcy filings.
  • Use the correct forms required by local bankruptcy courts.
  • Automatically redact privacy sensitive data such as SSN and account numbers.
  • Easier compliance of audits by the FTC, CFPB, States Attorneys General.


  • A world-class web application which runs on most browsers and platforms.
  • Manage bankrupt accounts at reduced costs and improved collections.
  • Automated data gathering from bankruptcy notification, docket monitoring and Chapter 13 payments sources integrated with the application.
  • Track claims through the bankruptcy process.
  • Manage staff with sophisticated work queues and reports.

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Bankruptcy ControlABOUT US

The principals of Bankruptcy & Litigation Technology, Inc. have substantial experience in handling consumer bankruptcy matters nationwide for creditors. In designing our software applications, we not only strive for cutting edge technology but also continually look at the local rules and forms of bankruptcy courts in order to keep the applications compliant.

Bankruptcy ControlYOUR BUSINESS

Bankruptcy Control is designed to provide case tracking support to a number of businesses:

Your Business

  • Servicers

    Loan servicers will experience reduced costs, greater compliance with regulatory requirements and the feeling of being in control of bankrupt accounts. The application is designed to seamlessly interface with your loan servicing system!

  • Agencies

    Agencies currently collecting debt for credit grantors may now do so when the accounts become bankrupt. No need to service release these back to your client.
    By using Bankruptcy Control and training staff, agencies can open new marketing opportunities to collect bankrupt accounts!

  • Attorneys

    Attorneys will experience improved productivity and accuracy and reduced costs in providing legal services to creditors. Because the application is web based, staff may work from anywhere. Home office work is easy and cost effective for all!

  • Debt Buyers

    Bankruptcy Control is an ideal platform for evaluating servicing and tracking purchased bankrupt accounts. Data maybe easily imported from a variety of systems and analyzed.



  • Automate the notification and assembly of bankruptcy data.
  • Manage bankrupt accounts at reduced costs with greater collection opportunities.
  • Detailed reporting for compliance and portfolio performance.
  • Manage staff with sophisticated work queues and reports.


  • Congress, the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and States Attorneys General are increasingly regulating financial institutions.
  • Bankruptcy courts are promulgating more local rules and forms to meet specific judicial requirements.
  • Privacy laws require that documents filed with the court redact account numbers, SSN’s, etc.
  • Class actions are being filed against servicers and their counsel involving questionable bankruptcy practices.

Bankruptcy ControlPRODUCT / Bankruptcy Control

Bankruptcy Control is a web application designed for creditors, collection agencies, debt buyers and their attorneys to service loans involved in bankruptcy. The application is rich with features designed to permit the user to perform most functions without leaving the application thus saving time and having a complete record of everything related to an account. Reporting, metrics and compliance are easy and thorough.



Bankruptcy Control interfaces and links with:

  • Servicing systems for contract and payment data
  • Banko for bankruptcy data
  • Electronic Bankruptcy Notification Center for current bankruptcy events (dismissals, conversions, discharges)
  • NADA value data
  • Chapter 13 National Data Center for Chapter 13 payment data
  • Web based application easily connects with courts, Pacer, ECF, local counsel and others related to the case

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  • Documents are created with templates compliant with local court forms and data is merged from the application
  • Algorithms calculate possible trustee lien avoidances, statutory value rules, and possible statute of limitation problems
  • Controls redact full account numbers, social security numbers, etc. to help avoid privacy law violations
  • Data is encrypted, backed up and kept on servers in a locked world class data warehouse. Servers are protected with antivirus software and kept behind a firewall
  • Provide training of staff

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  • Referrals to local counsel may be sent from the application with documents attached
  • Local counsel tables are controlled by the system administrator
  • Counsel may log on to the system to review assigned cases, make notes and upload documents
  • Reports measure local counsel’s performance by standards set by the user
  • Manage Fee Agreements with Local Counsel

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  • Payments may be imported from the servicing system thus facilitating payment monitoring, reporting and taking action for relief from stay
  • Multiple methods of payment may be monitored simultaneously, including payments made by the debtor, pursuant to a plan, agreed order, adequate protection, etc.
  • Data fields for trustee secured and unsecured payments may be analyzed and reported

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Bankruptcy ControlFAQS / Find Your Answers

Bankruptcy Control is a web based software application which automates the servicing of bankrupt accounts. We integrate bankruptcy and other data from many sources, including Pacer, Banko, LCI, Chapter 13 National Data Center, NADA, etc.

The application is designed to automate much of the file set up, document processing, payment monitoring, and managing of staff and counsel. Robust reporting tools give the user whatever information is needed by all.

Data necessary to service bankrupt accounts (e.g. contract, payment, etc.) is downloaded to a secure FTP site and uploaded into Bankruptcy Control nightly.

Cases may be entered into the application with little effort and many labor saving tools and algorithms (tables, calculations, valuations, etc.) help save time and errors.

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